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Personal Effectiveness Coaching for Executives and Managers by Monika Key


September: What if all the world's a stage? The Role of Theatre in Training Today by Monica Lowenberg
October: Claim your free gift box! How to be more assertive by Helen McNeill
November: Goodbye and Hello! How to manage change effectively by Chris Robinson
December: Christmas Cheer or how not to organise the Christmas party by Karen Bartholomew
January: Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ by Geoff Cotton
February: Getting on the right side of journalists and the media. How to approach an interview by Gareth Rubin
March: Team Coaching - What constitutes a winning team? by Kirk Halinson
April: Work Life Balance: A Question of Maintenance Maintenant by Chris Robinson

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'The Science of Acting' with contributions by Monica Lowenberg and FocalVocallers Katy Bartrop, Andrew Byron, Alex Dower and Neil Sheffield

What is good acting? How does one create believable characters? How can an actor understand a character if they do not understand themselves? In the Science of Acting, Sam Kogan uses his theories on the relationship between neuroscience, psychology and acting to answer these questions. Practical exercises provide a step-by-step guide to developing an actor's ability. Nevetheless, this book is not just useful for any would be actor but for any person who wishes to gain insight into the workings of their own mind and that of others.