Courses we offer:
In-house, open and one-to-one
Public speaking from beginners to advanced
Presentation Skills
Media Training
Managing Change
Managing Conflict
Assertiveness Skills
Customer Care - retaining valuable customers and staff
Effective Business Networking
The Art of Selling and Pitching Perfectly To Win Business
Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Acclimatising to China
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Interview Techniques for Recruitment
Work/Life Balance
Shakespeare on Leadership
Workshops for Small Groups:
Basic Counselling Skills for Managers
Managing Stress
Mastering Discretionary Change
Power of Thought: Positive, Productive Thinking and Goal Setting
Introduction to NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming)
Team Building and Behavioural Change
Other Services:
Shakespeare in schools
Role-players for role-play work, assessment days and pilot days
Forum Theatre
Personal Effectiveness Training
Business Coaching
Corporate Entertainment
Free quarterly newsletter by E-mail 'VocalPoint', keeping you up to date with what we are doing and trends in training
Free quarterly newsletter by e-mail 'VocalPoint', keeping you up to date with what we are doing and trends in training

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Welcome to FocalVocal™
Bienvenue - Herzlich Willkommen! -
欢迎光临 !
FocalVocal works with businesses in the private and public sector who
wish to improve their communication and management skills.
Businesses who

know that a dynamic, interactive learning environment is the most
successful in helping you to retain newly acquired skills and be
confident to apply them
are bored with courses where you get to sit, but don't actually get to do
have found it to be a bonus to have trainers and actors who are native
English speakers but are also bi-lingual in German and French
like the challenge of working with professional actors to test out
new skills in a fun, non-judgmental environment.
Companies can succeed or fail by virtue of their most critical asset and most precious resource – their people. Investing in developing the skills and abilities of those people can give a business vital ‘competitive edge’.

FocalVocal brings together experience, talent and creativity from the worlds of business, media, the arts, training and education, to tailor communication and management development courses to your precise needs, making them highly effective. Our unique creative approach works with people at every level.

And the results? Better communication, improved capabilities, stronger working relationships and greater personal and team effectiveness – your vital ‘competitive edge’.
Now, that’s entertrainment!

Get in touch with FocalVocal today, call Tel: +44 (0) 845 055 6301 or

We look forward to hearing from you and tailoring a course to your needs!

Monica Lowenberg
Founding Managing Director of FocalVocal UK

FocalVocal is proud to support GrowthAccelerator, a service that comes directly under the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. We are able to arrange for eligible clients funding for leadership courses under the Leadership and Management Training Programme. Further details on how to access fund please see How Do we Work section on this site.

Monica Lowenberg doing a talking head on market research for Harrow Council

How To... Start a Business, one of the How To books Monica worked on with Harrow Council. See page 10