We help you to help yourself:
Learn how to become more confident
Manage and develop your voice correctly
Understand your own body language and that of others
Relax and breathe correctly
Become disciplined in the art of mental preparation and visualisation
Understand what thoughts you may have that are affecting your performance
We help you to help yourself:
Learn how to become more assertive
Manage your team with confidence and skill
Manage change effectively and expediently
Understand your own strengths, weaknesses and thoughts that are Empowering or dis-empowering you
Set realistic goals for future progress
Develop a healthy work/life balance

There are two types of speakers:those that are nervous and those that are liars.
Mark Twain

Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Media Training


1. Public Speaking Beginners course preparation of 1 minute speech
2. Public Speaking Intermediate course preparation of 2 minute speech
3. Public Speaking Advanced course preparation of 5 minute speech
4. Presentation skills, structuring and delivery of presentations and papers for conferences and seminars
5. How to talk to the media
Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.
Samuel Johnson

Communication and Management Skills


1. Communicating with Confidence - Utilizing Assertiveness Skills in the Workplace
2. Managing Conflict with Confidence
3. Giving and Receiving Feedback
4. Customer Care - retaining valuable customers and staff
5. Enabling Individuals to Manage Change
6. Work/Life Balance - Using your personal power and energy to get the most out of your professional an d personal life
7. Acclimatising to China
8. Diversity and Cultural Awareness
9. Sales: The Art of Selling and Pitching Perfectly to Win Business
10. Effective Business Networking