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Work/Life Balance - Using your personal power and energy to get the most out of your professional and personal life

Course duration: 1 day with an optional 1-day follow-up

What will I learn on this course?

1 day follow up

This day will be spent reviewing organizational and individual goals and action plans. This will provide the chance for further analysis, reflection, lateral problem solving and further goal setting.

What problems can this training help me solve?

There is emerging evidence from research to show that individuals who achieve a better work/life balance are more happy and productive in the workplace. This issue for organizations and individuals a like is likely to increase over the next decade. Therefore, spending valuable time now to analyze organizational and individual attitudes towards work/life balance, is an investment for the future stability of your organization. Perhaps this would give you the edge in terms of recruiting and retaining staff? You may have a more productive and creative work force and you may be able to drastically reduce absenteeism. These are all current issues that are outcomes of poor work/life balance. This course can give you the opportunity as an organization, as a group of managers, or individuals to think differently about work/life balance and become aware of how improvements in this area could be of real and lasting benefit to your organization.

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